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Emma is the daughter of the late Chris Chapman who had great knowledge and experience within hair replacement systems, and built an excellent reputation with clients suffering from hair loss. Emma worked alongside her Dad for 10years in the salon and they would often work together on consultations, colouring, cutting and maintenance wigs/hairpieces.
After gaining her hairdressing qualifications through John Olivers in Norwich, Emma went on to continue hairdressing in her dad’s salon. Working alongside her dad has enabled Emma to continue her Dad’s passion and legacy, helping ladies who suffer from hair loss.
Emma is a stockist of Ellen Wille wigs which have always been to a high standard.The majority of wigs recommended and provided by Emma are hand tied bases as these provide a very natural effect and the best comfort.
Chris passed away fairly suddenly to cancer in June 2018 at the age of 68. He was so dedicated to his business and always went out of his way to help others, putting them before himself. Chris continued to work until the day he went into hospital. Given the sensitivity of many suffering from hair loss, Chris maintained a sympathetic approach to Clients. Emma has the same work ethic and approach, and more so after experiencing what her Dad went through with cancer. It has certainly effected Emma, hence she has great compassion for anyone experiencing their own battle with cancer or other types of hair loss such as alopecia. To be able to offer some confidence back to her wig Clients at a point in life when they feel so low is very rewarding, especially when they leave smiling and more relaxed knowing they have their hair sorted.
Hair Loss Consultations
Hair loss can affect anyone, at any time and at any age. Losing hair can be a very traumatic and stressful experience therefore Emma offers a free consultation to advise and look in to suitable hair replacement systems. This might be a top piece, partial piece or full wig.
Types of hair
Synthetic Hair
Synthetic hair wigs by Ellen Wille are of the highest quality. The synthetic hair fibre simulates natural and healthy shine and cannot be distinguished visually from natural hair. The styling is very straightforward, as the "curl" of the hair is incorporated into the structure of the hair so that the hairdo is always perfect and you can easily style it with your hands. Using fibre allows an amazingly wide range of unusual and exciting colours.

Your advantages at a glance:

•   Incredibly easy
•   Ready to go – Synthetic hair wigs are pre-styled and retain their original look and shape after cleaning
•   Vibrant colours, delicate shades
•   Reasonably priced
•   Low maintenance
•   An extensive and diverse range of models
•   Customised options

Warning: synthetic hair does not tolerate heat. Constant friction can also be detrimental to its durability.
Primehair - (Human Hair/Synthetic mix)
Ellen Wille Prime Hair is the perfect match of quality high class human hair and very fine heat resistant synthetic fiber. The innovative prime hair has been developed with all our knowledge and combines advantages of both hair fibers. Therefore it provides the perfect mixture for sophisticated customers.

All benefits at one glance:

•   Prime Hair looks like pure human hair and combines attractive colours, natural shades and stunning highlights
•   The hair is very caressing and silky smooth
•   All styles are ready to wear but they can be blow dried, curled and straightened (up to 140-150 C)
•   The synthetic part of the fiber is an innovative high heat fiber which has been newly developed. This makes styling and caring for your new wig easier than a pure human hair.
•   Of course the wigs can be cut if the customer requests a personalised wig
Human Hair
Classy and exclusive, human hair models are ideal for women for who place a great importance upon naturalness. With it’s natural fall and healthy shine, human hair provides you with a wig that is amazingly comfortable to wear.
When caring for your Ellen Wille human hair wig, we recommend the Ellen Wille human hair care products that are specifically tailored to there requirements of human hair wigs and hairpieces. These products will help to keep your wig’s wonderful shine and comfort.

Your advantages at a glance:

•   Natural high quality
•   Realistic aesthetics
•   More styling options - hair can be straightened or curled
•   Human hair can be dyed with lowlights
•   Customised options

Warning: Never attempt to dye human hair with highlights!
Remy Hair
Brilliantly shiny with durability and strength, Remy Hair is high quality hair that has been especially selected and controlled. The hair is knotted in the direction of the individual hair’s growth, which gives the finished wig a beautiful and natural finish. Remy Hair has a wonderful shine, it is highly natural and can be easily styled to perfection.
" As I walked  through the door of Emma’s newly refurbished and very stylish salon, I sensed a feeling of confidence that I had entered a place of professionalism and care. I knew her lovely dad Chris Chapman and I instantly knew that he would be proud of her achievement which she has given her own style and slant to. Emma is undoubtedly an expert hair cutter as she cut and personalised my new hair wig with such flair and feeling. I left the salon feeling all brand new and couldn’t help thinking that her Dad must surely be hovering quietly over her just to keep an eye! Since then I have had numerous people comment on the cut and style, and many people are amazed when I tell them that I’m wearing a wig! "

With Love from a grateful client - June

"The personal service that I received from Emma was invaluable. She helped me choose a wig that was right for me and was very patient and supportive at a difficult time. Emma cut my wig very professionally so that it was styled for me. The Salon at Eleve11 has a private consulting room (for clients who are receiving chemotherapy) and provides a first class personal and professional service. I have no hesitation in recommending Eleve11."

Reviews from @baldmothertucker
Baldmothertucker - Wig Review - Amy Deluxe

Ellen Wille Amy Deluxe wig - in Sandy Blonde Rooted.
Baldmothertucker - Wig Review Touch by Ellen Wille

Touch by Ellen Wille in Candy Blonde Rooted. A synthetic, layered, beachy piece. Low density. I’m wearing an average size.
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